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India’s record cotton exports

The United States Department of Agriculture is estimating that India will export record amounts of cotton in 2011/2012, in part as a result of a less restrictive government policy.

The USDA believes that exports of Indian cotton may grow by as much as twenty one percent over the next year, estimating sales at over eight million bales, compared to just over six and a half million bales this current year.

One bale is roughly equvelant to one hundred and seventy kilograms.


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Agriculture Job Creation Hopes

The importance of agriculture in creating and maintaining jobs is underlined in a report recently undertaken by the US department of Agriculture and Purdue university.

It estimates that over fifty thousand jobs will be create in the agricultural, food and natural resources sector by approx 2015.

Another recent report by the Battelle Institute found that agriculture and agbiosciences play a vital role in economic re-generation and in job creation in many areas of the United States, but especially in the north eastern area of the US.

The north central region of the United States which covers about twelve states, it is estimated that this part of the economy , i.e. the agriculture based economy. it is worth about one hundred and twenty five billion dollars, and employs just under two and a half million people.

Another study by Biocrossroads looked at Indiana, and estimate that the agricultural sector of the economy employs  just under a third of all people who work in the life sciences industry.

Its easy in the current economic climate just to think of current concerns, and important as they are, its also important to realize the long term economic and social benefits of a healthy and growing agricultural economy, both in the United States Mid West, and throughout North America as a whole.


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Price of Corn, Soybeans and Wheat to rise

Bloomberg is reporting that the price of corn and soybeans is rising steeply on the expectation that there will be a reduction in the overall yield of these crops, owing to dry hot weather in the US MIdWest .

The Professional Farmers Association of America recently undertook a four day study of fields in the midwest, and estimated that farmers in America will harvest just under twelve and a half billion bushels of corn this year, 2011.

This is less than was forecast by The US Department of Agriculture , by just over three percent.

According to Bloomberg, corn is the largest agricultural crop in the United States, valued at just over sixty six and a half billion dollars, followed by soybeans valued at just under thirty nine billion dollars.



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