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Toro Snowblower

Toro Snowblower

Toro a worldwide company making a wide range of agricultural products, and are a leading manufacturer of snowblower and snow clearance machines.

They have established a reputation for many years for making different types of snowblowers, all of which can handle different types of land, and different depths of snow.

Toro snowblowers have a reputation for being easy to use, easy to start, being able to match someone’s walking speed, providing good traction in different weather conditions.

Their machines are fully manoeuvrable and easy enough for anyone to handle, and at the same time can clear areas of snow with exceptional throwing distances through a fully integrated operator control system.

Toro Snowblower Parts

The availability and pricing of parts is an important consideration when buying any Toro snowblower either new or used. Parts are normally needed either if the machine doesn’t function properly, or when it needs to the serviced or maintained in any way.

If the snowblower is new, it is likely to still be under warranty, in which case it would be a condition of the warranty that manufacturers parts are used in any repair or servicing.

If not new, it is possible to buy a wide range of different parts for any snowblower, either online, through dealership or through private sale.

If buying online, it is really important that the correct parts number is identified prior to sale, specially as are a lot of similar sounding items available.

A complete list of all parts that are normally available for snowblowers can be found against each individual snowblower listed below.

The main categories of parts normally include items such as the engine, driveshaft, carburettor, wheels etc.

Toro 521 Snowblower

Toro 724 Snowblower

Toro  824 Snowblower

Toro S200 Snowblower

Toro 421 Snowblower

Toro 3521 Snowblower

Toro Snowblower Manual

Every new Toro snowblower should come with a manual, but if for any reason another one is needed they are normally fairly readily available. Mauals can often be obtained from the main Toro website by simply identifying the make, model and number of the machine.

A manual is crucial for a number of reasons. It carries extensive safety equipment, gives detailed instructions on how to assemble the server if it is being bought from new, and has extensive diagrams showing how parts can be fitted.

A manual should be studied when the machine is first bought, but also kept close to hand as a reference source when needed. The manual will also give important information about how to store the snowblower when it is not being used especially during summer months.

Toro Snowblower Repair / Wont Start

Users of a snowblower will normally have a number of questions relating to its operation, and normally have some common problems that need addressing. The most important is often that the machine won’t start.

The most important thing is to check the basics first. These include oil, gas and any safety features that are included to make sure the machine cannot be started inadvertently.

Once basics have been looked at, if the problem still persists, then the owner should consult the manual for further advice, followed by looking through the various snowblower forums online where it is highly likely they will find similar problems posted and solved.

If these do not deal with the problem, then it is advisable to contact a Toro dealership, especially if the machine is still under warranty.

Toro Electric Start Snowblower

Most Toro snowblowers either come with or have the option have an electric start system fitted to the snowblower. The alternative is normally a pulley system, which can sometimes be quite strenuous, and can also be quite difficult to use.

Electric starts much easier, and are becoming standard on most snowblowers. They are normally self powered, and do not require a cable, as opposed to electric snowblowers themselves, that are generally powered by an electric cable.

There are some electric snowblowers that have a self charging battery, which can run for several hours once charged. These are becoming more popular and are likely to increase in availability and market share in the coming months and years

Toro 421 Snowblower

Toro  s200 Snowblower

Toro 3521 Snowblower

Toro Snowblower Carburetor / Oil

Keeping a Toro snowblower running safely and properly necessitates a degree of basic maintenance, which normally involve checking items such as the oil and carburettor. Most users like to check that the snowblower is working efficiently prior to winter coming, so any problems can be resolved before it is needed to be used.

The manual for the snowblower will give instructions as to how often the machine needs to be serviced and maintained, and any routine changes that should be made over any period of time.

If the parts are needed for the carburettor, or a specific type of oil is needed, then the snow blower manual will advise this as well.

In addition, there are a number of websites that detail snowblower parts and accessories, and will have a wide range of both new and aftermarket parts available.

Below are a list of the most current Toro snowblowers available, with links to a more detailed product review when one is available.

Power Shovel

1800 power curve

21 inch Power Clear  e2160v battery snow blower

21 inch Power Clear

Power Clear 518Zr

Power Clear 518 ZE

Power Clear 721 R

Power Clear 721 E

Power Clear 721 R-C

Power Clear 821 R-C

Power Clear 721 QZE

SnowMaster 724 ZXR

Snowmaster 724 QXE

Snowmaster 824 QXE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 826 OAE

Power Max HD 928  OAE

Power Max HD 1028

Power Max HD 1232

Power Max HD 1428 CHXE

Power Max HD 1432 OHXE

Power Max HD1028 CHXE

Power Max 1028 OHXE

PUC Hour Meter



Craftsman Snowblower

Craftsman Snowblower

Craftsmen make a range of snow blowers, that  are virtually all electric start, and either one stage or two-stage snow throwers or snowblowers. A one stage snowblower is meant for clearing areas of land that have had a relatively mild snowfall, sometimes estimated up to 7 or 8 inches, and where the snow is considered light or mushy.

A two-stage snowblower is a more powerful machine, and is designed to not only draw in snow through the auger, but also to break it up into smaller chunks, if it is hardened or frozen. Most two-stage snowblowers also have a more powerful ejector mechanism to throw out the snow through a elevated chute.

Both one stage and two-stage Craftsman snowblowers can be used in a variety of settings, ranging from domestic to smallholdings. When deciding which one to buy, it is important to assess what type of  land or ground the snowblower is going to be used on. It is also important to consider the type of snow that usually falls, its volume and its frequency.

A craftsman snowblower that has an electric start should eliminate the hassle of a cold engine start, which anyone familiar with any type of engine driven machine would appreciate. It has a self propelled drive that has six forward and two reverse speeds, that make handling and control significantly easier than some of the types of snowblower.

Most types of craftsmen snowblower have a significantly enhanced chute, that is really important in being able to eliminate the snow on the ground where it has been cleared. They also normally have an in dash headlight, that allows the operator to see what is going on, in what is likely to be poor visibility, or conditions where there is no visibility at all, which is usual in snowy weather.

All these factors determine whether a one or two stage snowblower is best, and will allow the individual a good degree of guidance on how best to use it.

Below are listed a number of craftsmen snowblowers, both one stage, two stage and electric or manual start.

Craftsman 26 in Electric start two stage snowblower

Craftsman 28 inch electric start three stage snowblower

Craftsman 26 inch electric start track drive snowblower

Craftsman 30 inch electric start to stage snowblower

Craftsman 28 inch electric start to stage snow blower

Craftsman 24 inch electric start to stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch electric start single stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch 123 cc electric start single stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch 123 single stage snowblower

Craftsman Snowblower Parts

Before buying any snowblower, it is a good idea to check out the availability and price of spare parts, and what range of accessories is available. The issue of parts is less important if the Craftsman snowblower is new, as it will be covered under a warranty. Long-term usage will probably necessitate some spares,  although craftsmen have a strong reputation for reliability and long-term durability of their snow blowers.

The most common craftsman snowblower parts that people buy are listed below, and are available from a wide range of sources, both online and in many department stores.

Chute assembly


sprocket assembly

bearing retainer

clutch bearing

snowblower shear bolt kit

Fiber washer

flat washer eight pack

guide deflecter

upper handle

shiftr shaft

Keps nut

Drive chain link

chain assembly


Snowblower flanged bearings

Craftsman Snowblower Manual

A manual is fairly essential, and they are widely available both from Craftsmen, department stores such as Sears and various websites online. As with all snowblower manuals there is a opening section on safe operating of the snowblower, which should be carefully read and always adhered to. This normally covers training, preparation, operation and guidance for maintenance and storage.

The manual will have a number of sections after the rules for safe operation. These normally relate to the assembly of the snowblower, its operation, recommendations as to how often and what type of service should be carried out on it, the responsibilities of the owner of the snowblower and a significant amount of information on how to adjust the various parts of the snowblower such as the auger, the belt and the cable adjustment.

There should also be sections on safe storage, a troubleshooting chart, repair parts, a parts ordering service and how to order repair parts.

In the unlikely event that a customer is not able to get hold of a snowblower manual for that specific model, which may be the case on some older models, then a manual for a current one stage or two-stage manual will probably have sufficient information to allow the individual to deal with whatever query they may have.

Craftsman Snowblower Attachment

Craftsman make a number of attachments that can be fitted to most of their snowblowers, which are listed below. In addition, many snowblower manufacturers make similar attachments which can probably be used with most Craftsmen snowblowers. Before using any attachment from a different manufacturer, it is probably worth checking that you are not in breach of the Craftsman warranty if you do so.

Craftsman 24837 12 inch dual stage snowblower attachment

Craftsmen 24441 42 inch snow blade attachment

craftsman 24414 16 inch  high snow and dozer blade

Craftsman 24 Snowblower

This normally refers to a 24 inch, 208 mL electric start two stage snowblower, one of the best selling of the craftsman snowblower range, and one of its most popular.

It has a 208 mL engine, a pushbutton electric start mechanism, a serrated steel auger that is able to cut through impacted snow with an impressive speed, a self-propelled drive consisting of six forward and two reverse speeds, and the ability to control the flow of the snow through the dispersal chute, with 180 degree rotation. It also has 13 inch tires, which offer an exceptional level of traction on slippery surfaces and conditions.

Some people describe the machine as a bit heavy, but even so is easy to navigate and use.



Honda Snowblower

Honda Snowblower

Honda make a number of snowblowers, and bring a vast level of experience in different types of power equipment to both design and effectiveness of single stage and two stage snowblowers. Honda snowblowers have 4 stroke engines, hydrostatic transmission, track drive, ice breaking serrated augers, and commercial grade components.

Before deciding which Honda snowblower to choose, there are a number of factors to take into account to make sure you choose the right type of snowblower. Firstly, it is important to know what type of surface needs to be cleared of snow. Different types of snowblower work better on concrete, asphalt or different types of rough surfaces.

It is also important to know the size of the area that needs to be cleared, in addition to the type and frequency of snowfall. It is normally fairly possible to gauge both of these factors based on past experience, or local common knowledge.

The other important decision to make is whether to buy a Honda single stage snowblower, or a Honda two stage snowblower. Generally speaking, a single stage snowblower is used where the snow is thinner, spread more evenly and should be easier to clear. A single stage snowblower uses a rotating auger, which draws in the snow and simply dispenses through a upward chute away from the snow being cleared.

A two-stage snowblower is normally used where the snow is thicker, more compact and requires a more powerful machine. The main difference in a two-stage snowblower is that not only does it draw the snow into machine, it can then break it down into much smaller chunks, and it uses a fan like  device to reject the snow at a much greater distance than a single stage snowblower can.

Honda single stage snowblowers

Honda HS720AM

Honda HS720AA

Honda HS720AS

Honda two stage snowblowers

Honda HSS724AT / HSS724ATD

Honda HSS724AW / HSS724AWD

Honda HSS928AT / HSS928ATD

Honda HSS928AW / HSS928AWD

Honda HSS1332AT / HSS1332ATD

Honda HSM1336i

Honda Snowblower Parts

Knowing the cost and availability of parts and accessories can be an important factor when deciding which Honda snowblower to buy. All new Honda snowblowers are built and serviced with a warranty, so the issue of parts is more relevant to people who have a long-term usage of machine, or people who buy a second-hand or used one.

There are a number of accessories available for a Honda snowblower, which can make the experience of using one both more enjoyable, safer and more effective. Some of the more common tricks and parts listed below.

Chute Duide Handle

Cold Weather Cabs


Auger Skid Shoe Kit

Drift Breaker Cab

Worklight Kit

Honda Snowblower Dealers

Most Honda Dealers  sell and service Honda power equipment, including Honda snowblowers. Finding a dealer is relatively easy, either by using the main Honda website and going to dealer locator, using local Yellow Pages, a local phone book or simply an Internet search using your location as the fixed point.

A good Honda dealer should be willing to offer both sales and service, some may also offer a rental service and some may have special finance deals available, either on the snowblower itself or on a combination of snowblower and other power equipment.

Honda HS 35 Snowblower

The Honda HS 35 snowblower is one of Honda’s most popular models, and there are a significant number of them available, both used and second-hand. Manuals can be found on various websites such as manuals online, or eBay or Amazon. Information and help can also be sought on any of the snowblower discussion forums.

When using any  relatively old snowblower, it is important to check that the safety shields and mechanisms that are available on current models are also in place on any previous one.

Honda Track Snowblower

Honda snowblowers  use what is called track drive, which are essentially a series of rubber tracks, which according to Honda provide solid traction and perfect balance. The benefit of using a track drive system is that it balances the weight of the snow blower against the weight of the snow on the ground, and means that it is possible to use the rotating auger to effectively measure the traction of the snowblower.

This can make a significant difference when clearing snow off areas of grounds that have a stone base, such as driveways and sidewalks.


MTD Snowblower

MTD Snowblower

MTD snowblowers come as two different types of machine,  a single stage snow thrower and a two-stage snow thrower. The terms snowblower and snow thrower used interchangeably, and it is probably worth distinguishing what they mean.

An MTD single stage snowblower is a relatively light machine, that is used to clear snow that is probably between 3 to 9 inches, and which could be considered a relatively modest snowfall. It works very simply by having a spinning auger that sucks in the snow to the machine, and then discharges it through a chute onto ground away from the snowfall.

Am MTD two-stage snowblower is a more heavyweight machine. It is intended where there is a much more intense degree of snow, and possibly ice as well. It works slightly differently to the single stage snowblower, in that it has a more intense auger, which not only sucks in the snow, but also breaks up large chunks of it, as well as chunks of ice, and then discharges it through the chute.

MTD Parts – see here

Technically, an  MTD snowblower is a single stage snowblower, whilst a snow thrower is a two-stage snowblower, although most people use the term snowblower to cover both machines.

These are some of the most common MTD snowblowers currently available.

MTD single stage snowblower

MTD 31A-2M1E706 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Pro 31AS2S1C795 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD two stage SnowBlower

MTD 31A-63BD706 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Pro 31AM66FG795 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD 31A-32AD706 Two-Stage Compact Snow Thrower

MTD Snowblower Parts

MTD snowblower and snow thrower parts and accessories are an important consideration when deciding which snow blower to buy. Whilst a new snowblower will come with a guarantee, if buying a used or second hand one, then availability and cost of parts is something that needs to be considered.

Parts and accessories can improve the experience of using an MTD snowblower, and there are many things that can be easily improvised at a reasonable cost. Some of the more common accessories on listed below.

Heavy duty snowblower cover

Snow blower tire chains

Heated hand grip Kit

LED light bar kit

Shear pin kit

Universal Snow Cab

Drift cutter kit

Slide shoes

Chute clean out tool and mounting bracket

Siphon pump

MTD Snowblower Manual and Parts Diagram

An MTD snowblower manual is a document that is a really good resource, and can be used extensively both as a point of reference and as a learning tool for using an MTD snowblower effectively and safely.

New snowblowers will come with a manual, and can also be downloaded from the MTD website. Older models, or usedor second hand models may also be available via the website depending upon their age, or there are other websites which will carry them such as manuals online.

They may also be available on sites such as eBay or Amazon. If someone is having real difficulty locating a manual, it is a good idea to post a message on one of the many snowblower forums, someone is more than likely to be able to help.

An MTD snowblowers manual is likely to have a number of sections. These will cover safe operating practices, how to assemble your snowblower if necessary, how to operate the snowblower and make adjustments. They should also be sections on maintenance, troubleshooting, accessories and kits and a parts list.

There should also be advice on how to store the snowblower when it is not being used which is a particularly important safety issue, and can be a real fire hazard if not done properly.

MTD Yard Machine Snowblower

An MTD Yard machine snowblower is called this simply so that people realise it is primarily intended for domestic use in homes and small landholdings. These machines can come either as single stage Snow throwers or two-stage snow throwers. The intent is to focus on snowblowers which are affordable for home and yard use.

Yard Machines 31AS2S1E700 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E752 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AM63FF752 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-63BD700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EE700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 26″ 31AS63EF729 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-32AD752 Two-Stage Compact Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EF700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EE752 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Snowblower Carburetor / Repairs

An effective  carburettor is at the heart of a really efficient snowblower.

Many people consider it a good idea to replace a carburettor fairly regularly, even if there is nothing noticeably wrong with the old one.

They are relatively cheap, there are a number of brands to choose from, and a new one can make a significant difference to the overall feel and power of the chosen MTD  snowblower.