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US Farmers turn to the Internet

Associated Press is reporting that significant numbers of farmers are using on-line devices and the internet generally to manage whole aspects of their business in ways that were never imagined a few years, and gives a number of very specific and useful examples.

Farmers/ranchers are using on-line devices to improve productivity by speeding up their work flow and build and improve various agricultural farming techniques.

They are developing different ways to market and sell crops, be able to communicate better with both suppliers and new and potential customers,and to be able to comply with various regulatory requirements, both state and federal, in a more timely fashion.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, over fifty percent of farms in America can access the internet, something that has always been a problem in rural areas.

AP describes a how a particular farmer, Dan Errotabe, who farms three and a  half thousand acres just south of Fresno uses the internet.

One of the main uses is collecting and distributing key documents to various government bodies, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and customers.

He and his staff also email and texts to keep in contact with pest control advisors, and get updates on key factors affecting his industry, such as the weather and various crop prices.


Full Story : AP

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Price of Corn, Soybeans and Wheat to rise

Bloomberg is reporting that the price of corn and soybeans is rising steeply on the expectation that there will be a reduction in the overall yield of these crops, owing to dry hot weather in the US MIdWest .

The Professional Farmers Association of America recently undertook a four day study of fields in the midwest, and estimated that farmers in America will harvest just under twelve and a half billion bushels of corn this year, 2011.

This is less than was forecast by The US Department of Agriculture , by just over three percent.

According to Bloomberg, corn is the largest agricultural crop in the United States, valued at just over sixty six and a half billion dollars, followed by soybeans valued at just under thirty nine billion dollars.



Full story : Bloomberg

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Texas Agriculture’s Hay Hotline improved

Texas Agriculture run a Hay hotline, which acts as a sort of agency to bring together farmers/ranchers who need hay for their animals/livestock, and producers of hay who need  to sell it , or have surplus stocks.

Todd Staples,  the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, has recently announced change to the way the hotline works to hopefully make it more effective.

Some of the main changes are that the hotline now includes some information on prices for and sources of donated hay, and also new ways of linking up transportation services.

This will hopefully make it more efficient and easier for both ranchers and farmers to arrange delivery of hay purchased/donated.


Full story : Kfyo


Texas Agriculture


Mahindra looks stable and steady amidst growth

Mahindra and Mahindra has recently posted a four per cent gain in its value, according to Business-Standard, and has made itself the most valuable company in India’s auto mobile sector.

According to the head of research at Pioneer Intermediaries, this is because Mahindra gets over sixty five percent of its sales from the rural /urban environment, and most of its sales are from the diesel sector.

Mahindra has expanded its product range to increase sales of its utility vehicles, which are diesel based, and this seems to be paying dividends in terms of  market share and profitability.

Analysts expect a strong demand for its tractors to continue as the need for them from rural areas will continue, as demand will remain constant.

Full story at Business Standard below



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Massey Ferguson new MF7600 Tractor Series

Massey Ferguson ‘s new range of MF7600 series of tractors are being talked about with specific reference to two specific areas, that they are very fuel efficient and that their latest technology is pretty cutting edge.

This  means that these new tractors are being looked at as serious contenders for much of the heavy agricultural work that needs to be carried out by farmers.

The MF7600 has an engine range from 210/260hp has two specific mechanical features that are important. It can be ordered with either  Dyna 6 semi-powershift or DynaVT continuously variable transmissions.

The engine features what is known as SCR or Selective catalytic reduction.

Both these features mean that all models of the MF7600 series are both very fuel efficient, and can power a very tough tractor that can be used most types of heavy agricultural and semi-industrial/agricultural work.


Shropshire Star

Massey Ferguson


McCormick Utility and Compact Tractors Launched

New options for farmers wanting compact and utility tractors as McCormick launches a new range of tractors aimed to give farmers and smallholders different options depending on the type of land they are looking after.

McCormick, backed by the big Industrials Argo tractors of Italy and Daedong Industrial of Korea, have launched  a range of small tractors, the McCormick X10 Series with a range of nine different models with engine sizes from 22/91hp, and 17 variants in total.

The three smaller models are  seen as scraper tractors intended for light yard and paddock work and general smallholding and light agricultural work.

One feature which is common to all McCormick tractors is the CESAR datatag theft deterrence system,which comes as standard on al McCormick tractors.



McCormick Tractors

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Daedong Industrial

Argo Tractors


British farmland prices rises to record level

Bloomberg is reporting that the value of farmland in the UK is rising to record levels as farmers increase production to take advantage of rising livestock and wheat prices.


This follows a report by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that says land prices have effectively doubled in the last five years, and that generally farmers are taking the view that they would rather keep land and increase production, rather tham simply sell land.


This means the value of the land will rise significantly as production increases and so therefore does the value of the land.


According to the UK Office for National Statistics, wheat prices in the UK have grown eleven percent in the last year and whilst meat prices have gone up by just over seven percent in the last year.


According to the RICS, arable land has gone up by just under five percent and pastures by just over four percent since the end of last year.


According to another report by Knight Frank, farmland in the UK  has gone up in value over three times in the last decade, which outperforms all other types of real estate in the UK.


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