Toro Snowblower

Toro Snowblower

Toro make a wide range of snowblowers, which can quite literally be a lifesaver for people who live in an area where levels of snowfall are not simply an inconvenience, but have a huge effect on the reality of their daily life.

Before choosing which made of Toro snowblower to buy, it is worth understanding a few basics about how snowblowers work.
Most snowblowers are either what are known as one stage or two stage snowblowers.

A one stage snowblower has what is known as an auger, which effectively draws the snow into the machine, and then discharges it to what is known as a chute, away from the area where the snow is being cleared.

A two stage snowblower also uses what is known as an impeller to Break up chunks of snow when necessary and discharge it faster through the chute.

The question of whether to use a one stage or two-stage Toro snowblower depends largely on where you live, What type of snowfall who have, the regularity of snowfall, Its depth and the type of snow, i.e whether it is mushy or hard and whether or not it quickly turns to ice.

Toro snowblowers also have what is known as chute control, which is a system where you can change the direction of the deflectorand the chute with a single motion controlled by the steering panel.

Toro make a number of different snowblowers which are listed below

Power Shovel

1800 power curve

21 inch Power Clear  e2160v battery snow blower

21 inch Power Clear

Power Clear 518Zr

Power Clear 518 ZE

Power Clear 721 R

Power Clear 721 E

Power Clear 721 R-C

Power Clear 821 R-C

Power Clear 721 QZE

SnowMaster 724 ZXR

Snowmaster 724 QXE

Snowmaster 824 QXE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 826 OAE

Power Max HD 928  OAE

Power Max HD 1028

Power Max HD 1232

Power Max HD 1428 CHXE

Power Max HD 1432 OHXE

Power Max HD1028 CHXE

Power Max 1028 OHXE

PUC Hour Meter

Toro Snowblower Parts

When considering buying any snowblower, the issue of cost and availability of parts should always be a consideration. If buying a new Toro snowblower, then obviously it’ll come with a warranty, but long-term usage may necessitate some repairs or replacement parts.

The most common parts of a Toro snowblower that need repairing or replacing tend to be belts where one will be needed for a single stage snowblower and two for a two stage snowblower, shear pins which can help protect both the engine and the transmission if there is a danger of them being damaged by the Toro snowblower hitting something too hard on the ground.

Toro 521 snowblower

The Toro 521 snow blower is one of its oldest models, but also one of its most popular. There are many of them still around and can be picked up for a relatively modest price, either on sites such as eBay or through discussion forums.

The issue tends to be reliability and parts, both of which would be expected from a snowblower that is relatively old. The most common parts replacements for a Toro 521 snowblower tend to revolve around the auger assembly,  the carburettor, the drift breaker, the engine assembly, the grader blade assembly, the handle assembly, the magnento, the rewind starter, the starter motor and the traction assembly

Toro 724 snowblower.

The Toro  724 snowblower is one of Toro’s bestselling models and has a number of features that make it very easy-to-use, very powerful and reputationally very reliable. It has what his name has a quick stick chute control, which allows the operator to change the direction of the chute and deflector with a single motion.

It has a rear wheel drive system which allows for greater traction on surfaces that can be tricky to navigate, it also has automatic steering. It has an electric start system meaning that in cold weather it is easier to start than some other models.

It has a 212 cc Toro OHV engine, and tests show that it can clear 24 inches in width, and discharges the snow 40 feet away from the machine.

Toro offer a three-year warranty, and in addition of a lifetime warranty on the lower chute and deflector, which  should be honoured by any Toro dealer, irrespective of where the machine was bought

Toro Snowblower Manual

A manual is pretty essential for any Toro snowblower, especially if buying a new one. This in part is because it will need to be assembled, and for this you need a manual that gives detailed assembly instructions. It may also come with a quick start guide, which is useful but normally limited in information.

Sometimes a Toro snowblower will come with a printed manual,  other times not. If not, then a hardcopy can be requested from Toro, which should be sent to you free of charge. It is also very easy to download the Toro snowblower manual from various places online, as a PDF document. This can be done from the main Toro website, as well as other sites such as Home Depot, and Sears etc.

In addition to providing detailed assembly instructions, a manual will give specific safety instructions at the outset which should always be adhered to. There are also sections on how to operate the machine in the most effective and safe manner, how to troubleshoot any problems that may occur, some information on the warranty and detailed guidance on how best to maintain and service the snowblower.