John Deere

John Deere Tractors

Two specific models, the 1026R and the 1023E.

The 1023E has a 22.4hp engine and the 1026R has a 25.2hp engine. Both have what is known as an IT4 complaint diesel engine, which is a small but very effective high performance three cylinder engine.

IT4 stands for interim Tier 4. Both have four wheel drive and power steering, which is really important and optional iMatch Quick-Hitchand optional iMatch AutoHitch.

Quite a lot of thought and design has gone into the operators station to make it roomy and comfortable.

Quite a lot of tractors are let down by the fact that whilst they may be very effective mechanical machines, no – one seems to have realised that to the operator, its like being in a car, and needs to be designed accordingly in terms of environment and comfort.

On both these John Deere sub compact utility tractors, the operator station has been really well designed.

They have fender mounted handrails,a sloping hood design, front horizontal exhaust and color coded operator controls.

John Deere Lawn Tractors

Although called lawn tractors, these machines are designed to do a lot more than simply mow lawns, and are ready for a number of smaller agricultural jobs, including some forms of landscaping,working on smallholdings, loader work, yard work etc.

There are several series of model available –

The John Deere X700 series, The John Deere X500 series and The John Deere X300 series as well as the John Deere X100 Series.

The X700 series has a bout a dozen models of its own, and is probably the most impressive. It has a list price of $9599 for a 48x or 54x deck going up to $10499 for a 60 inch 7 – iron deck ( as of August 2011+ not including taxes freight etc )

Various warranties are available depending on where you buy and what model you buy.

The X700 ‘ultimate tractor’ as John Deere call it, also has a 5.2 gallon fuel tank, hydraulic power steering, large capacity battery and alternator and a twin touch foot pedal with cruise control – That ‘s really cool, a tractor with cruise control !

John Deere EZtrack Zero Turn Riding Mowers

These are quite unique in terms of their design, and have been built specifically to make mowing of any size of land considerably easier than with a conventional mower.

There are three series, the Z200 series, the Z225 and the Z 245 series.

They have thirteen iron caster wheels and castor wheel towers which make it really easy to steer.

All the Eztrack zero turn riding mowers have two lever controls which are fully adjustable and pretty much stretch across the whole machine.

It looks a bit weird initially if you’re expecting a steering wheel, but it’s very easy to get the hang of and effectively lets you move the tractor around with a considerable amount of ease.