Tractors by John Deere etc ……

Tractors by ……  John Deere

Named after a blacksmith called John Deere from Vermont in the mid 1800’s , now a huge global industrial  giant.

As with many other major agricultural manufacturers, John Deere has a major presence in Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China, as well as being based primarily in the United States.

Many people buy tractors by brand, and an important part of brand loyalty, often from generation to generation is good quality service.

This can be around customer service issues such as pricing and after sales service when buying a tractor, but can also be about being part of a broader industrial company.

This has a knock on effect on the wider agricultural economy and agricultural tractors in particular.

John Deere has  a range of about six different types of tractor.


Snowbloers By Manufacturer

Toro Snowblower

Craftsman Snowblower

Honda Snowblower

MTD Snowblower

Ariens Snowblower

John Deere Snowblower


The John Deere Utility range of Tractors

This in fact covers  three ranges of tractors, Utility Tractors, Compact Utility tractors and Sub Compact  Utility tractors.

These three ranges of tractor cover what most people would expect a tractor to be, with differing engine sizes and power.

The Utility Tractor has a range of 45/138hp,  the Compact Utility Tractor has a range of 24.1/66 hp, and the Sub Compact Utility Tractors, being the smallest have an engine size of 22.4/25.2 hp.

All these range of John Deere tractors are designed  for mainstream agricultural use, as well as for smaller land based work, such as a smallholding, large garden, golf course etc.

John Deere Row Crop Tractors –

These range in size from 125/360hp and cover three tractors, the 7030 small frame series, the 2011 7R series and the 2011 BR/ BR series.

All these tractors  have a high level of modern day technology to help farming, as well as being substantial agricultural machines.

John Deere Four Wheel Drive Tractors

These are monster machines, with a range of engine sizes going from 337/543 hp.

They have five  4wd tractors, and three track tractors to choose from. These are heavy industrial machines.

The John Deere Track Tractors –

These are the 9030 Series and the 9030 Series Scraper Special, with engine sizes going from 310/543 hp as well as the 2011 8RT series.

The 2011 8RT series have engine sizes of 310/360hp, whilst the 9030T series have  engine sizes of 425/530hp, as well as what John Deere refers to as ‘ Air Cushion Suspension system .

Tractors by  ………  Kubota

Kubota is a very old well established Japanese company, founded in 1980, and has grown into a fairly major worldwide corporation with a significant presence in about 130 countries worldwide.

As a company, it quickly became established in the United States and gained a reputation for well designed and efficient smaller tractors, where its expertise lay, as Japanese farms tend to be smaller in size than US ones.

It now has a large and established base in the US, with over 1000 dealers nationwide, and with headquarters in Torrance, California.

It has also established its own manufacturing base In Gainsville, Georgia where it makes approx 1/3 of all its tractors and lawn tractors  that are sold in the US.

It is also becoming a major player in making diesel and gasoline engines .

The manufacturing of engines and tractors by Kubota is significant because its hows a commitment to the Country it is based in , which matters to potential buyers in terms of sale as and after sales service.

Kubota Tractors

Kubota has a range of five types of tractors.

The Kubota BX Series tractors range from 18/25.5 hp and are designed for home gardening, mowing, manual handling and light agricultural.

The Kubota B series tractors have an engine range of 18/32 hp and are designed for ground maintenance work, small holding landscaping work and large vegetable gardens.

The Kubota TLB series is their midrange of tractors, with engine sizes of between 21/59 hp.

They are more mid range tractors, designed for landscaping. some trenching of land and light construction and agricultural work.

The Kubota L series of tractors is their bigger range of agricultural tractors, with engine sizes of between 30/59hp and work well for small farms, some types of estate maintenance and some forms of landscaping.

The Kubota M series tractors are their big heavy industrial machines designed for large agricultural work, some types of livestock work, and some types of large ground maintenance work. Their engine sizes range from 43/135hp.

Tractors by ….. Mahindra

Mahindra is a huge global multinational, based in India , with an extensive engineering and mechanical tradition going back to 1945.

In India, Mahindra has been the market leader in selling tractors since the early 1980’s.

Mahindra has been in the USA since 1994 and has three assembly plants and over 350 US/Canadian dealerships.

A company’s background and size can be important when buying  a new or used tractor , especially when thinking in terms of  servicing, parts etc.

Mahindra Tractors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Mahindra tractor range include

The Mahindra 10 Series Tractors

– 2+4wd, general purpose farming and small land maintenance

The Mahindra 16 Series Tractors

– 4wd with 3point and loader lift capacity, home and light construction

The Mahindra  60 Series Tractors

– 83 hp 4wd shuttle, use for pretty much anything big and agricultural !

Tractors by ……..  Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson, well known brand name for tractors, is also part of a much wider multi – national, AGCO, who make a huge range of agricultural and mechanical products, including tractors, combine harvesters, hay tools, sprayers and forage tillers equipment.

They are headquartered in Georgia, USA, and have around 2500 dealers in 140 countries.

Important to know a bit about the background of a company, because its size and distribution network is important.

A lot of people buy tractors and agricultural machinery by brand, and want to feel the tractor they are buying is part of a broader industrial base.

Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson quite sensibly group their tractors into four main areas, defined really by hp.

The smallest group of tractors they refer to as Compact, followed by two size groups, high and mid hp.

They then they have a category for specialist and municipal tractors.

The Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors.

These are ‘proper tractors’, but are designed for large gardens, smallholdings, golf courses etc.

They have two models, the Massey Ferguson MF 1500 and the Massey Ferguson MF GC2300.

They range in hp from19.5/46 to 22.5 hp.

The Massey Ferguson Mid Hp Tractor range have four heavy duty tractors.

The Massy Ferguson MF 6400 with hp of 100/230hp.

The Massey Ferguson MF5400  with a slightly smaller  hp range of 82/145.

The two smaller tractors are the MF 4400 with an hp range of 74/101 and the MF 3600 with a range of 69/100 hp.

All our heavy duty industrial/agricultural machines for most types of intensive farming work.

The Massey Ferguson High hp Tractor range, has three tractors in it.

The really high range MF 8600 with a range of 270/370 hp, The MF 7400 has a range of 135/240 hp,  and the MF 8600 has tractors with a range of 100/230hp.

These are seriously big tractors that to quote Massey Ferguson ‘ offer huge power and maximum output for a diverse range of tasks’

New Holland/Ford

New Holland/Ford, known pretty much as New Holland these days is one of America’s oldest established Companies.

It can trace its New Holland roots back to New Holland Pennsylvania in the late 1800’s and its Ford roots go back to Henry Ford in the early 1900’s who recognized the potential of the mass produced tractor as well as the mass produced car.

Today it is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machinery with over 1100 dealers in the United States and Canada and some 360 dealers in 160 countries world wide.

New Holland /Ford tractors

New Holland / Ford have a huge range of different models of tractors and agricultural machinery available.

The New Holland / Ford T4000V series has four models

The T4020V has an engine range of 48/65hp
The T4030V has a range of 57/78hp
The T4040v has a range of engine sizes from 65/88 hp
The T 4050v has a size range of 71/97 hp.

The New Holland/ Ford T 3000 series of tractors has three models

The T3020  has an engine range of 31.9/43.5hp
The T3030 has an engine size range of 35/47.7hp
The T3040 has a range of 39.9/54.3

The New Holland / Ford T600 Delta range of tractors has four models

The T 6010 Delta has an engine range of 74/101hp tractors
The T 6020 Delta has a range of 82/112 hp tractors
The T 6030 Delta has an engine range of 86/117hp tractors
The T 6050 Delta has a range of 93/126hp tractors
The T700 Auto Command range of tractors has won many awards, and is a huge tractor, designed for most types of heavy duty agricultural work.
There are four models.

The T7030 auto command has an engine size range of 123/167hp
The T7040 auto command has a size range of 132/182hp tractors
The T7050 auto command has a size range of 145/197hp tractors
The T7070 auto command has a range of 167/225hp